Marketing, Sales & Distribution

The Product Management Department are the vital department of all marketing activities. A dedicated team with solid professional background comprising Pharmacists, Biochemists, MBAs and Microbiologists work in this department. They formulate the strategies to uphold the market share of company's products, select and introduce new products to keep the company growing and develop promotional materials for the sales people to win in the market.
The Sales Department is one of the most important departments of the Marketing Division. To achieve our purpose and mission, we affirm our values of integrity, respect for people, innovation, performance and leadership. About 450 Medical Promotion Officers around the country promote the company’s brands to the doctors. They are well supervised by the Area Managers, Regional Sales Managers and Zonal Sales Managers. The department is lead by the National Sales Manager.  This team is well trained and plays the major role in promoting the products to the customers throughout the country.
Virgo Pharmaceuticals Ltd. to make its quality products available at every corner of the country, Virgo Pharma has a strong distribution network consisting of 17 depots throughout the country. A dedicated team of all depot and a fleet of vehicles comprising delivery vans, are engaged in the timely distribution of the products throughout the country.