Quality Policy

Virgo Pharma is committed to develop safe and quality pharmaceutical products for various diseases and provide those products to the broadest group of patients. To achieve the quality objective, the following activities are:

• There is substantial scientific evidence to support both the safety and the efficacy of a product for an indication, typically after positive Phase.
• Ensuring WHO approved cGMP guidelines are strictly followed in every single operation of plant.
• Strict quality control procedures are maintained at every step starting from sourcing of raw materials to dispatch of finished products.
• We are having an experienced workforce, equipped with continuing education and training in emerging Quality techniques and philosophy.
• We are providing products and service with consistently exceed the expectation and satisfaction of our customer.
• Regularly improve sales situation, quality of products, methods, technology, processes and human resources.
• Develop a pool of human resources of the Company to their full potential through regular training and participation in seeking continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.